I find my 'older brother'! Yesung-oppa~!

Well... Just the picture can tell you the reason why I found my older brother...
Yesung, you take selcas like me :P
Then some friends told me that we look similar... (But I think that my eyes are bigger xD)


2nd time -> the "coincidence" is a good sign!

Last saturday I went to an event only for "otakus" called "Iberanime"...
Well before this event I wasn't with a lot of  enthusiasm... The tickets were supposed to be sold out, but a friend of mine came to me really happy: "I got 2 free tickets for us! I won a challenge!" And I thought: "NOOO! I don't want to go..." and my friend was: "Wanna go???" and I felt a little bad so I answered: "Oh yeah~!" (damn! -_____-)

Little by little I started to like the idea... (with no reason)
When we arrived at "Iberanime" we were the 1st to debut in the karaoke. I sang "Little Pain" by Olivia Lufkin and it went better than I expected! Then I met 3 new people there (people who like animê and things about japanese culture. They are so funny and kind), the friend that came along with me was always disappearing -_-' And in the moment that I was looking like a loner, I sat on the top of a bench and decided to take a picture of  the amount of people who attended the event... And I noticed that many people were using a white t-shirt like the one that my follower Kyuhyun look a like has...
Suddenly I started to look for him with a quick look (it was strange... I was hoping to see him there, but my other part was saying to me that he woudn't be there and that the event was too stupid for him to appear). After a long time looking for him I got tired and sent a message to my lil sis: "Isa, here are many people that are using "the" white t-shirt... but none of them is my follower T.T He is not here ToT"
So I decided to get off the bench and go shopping some things to me and to my sis to not look like a loner. When... Someone passed by me with familiar look... I looked up and I noticed that was my follower Kyuhyun look a like! But with a black t-shirt (completely opposite of the white t-shirt that I was expecting to see).
My heart stopped... I just picked my phone and sent a second message to my sister: "After all, he is here! >_<" (my sister told me that when she read this text started to laugh like a crazy) and I started to walk really fast...

I "met" him a lot of times but I couldn't talk to him (even when he was playing with stuffed toys that were on sale- so cute~!)... I was so nervous! I even called my sister to vent my despair!!

At the end of the event-> I didn't talk to him! DAMN! I'm so stupid!

One of the people that I met in the event  (a "flower" guy) wanted to talk to my follower because of the t-shirt (was a stamp of Kingdom Hearts), but then he lost the courage too and didn't speak to my follower! ARRGHT! It would be an opportunity to me to introduce myself to my follower in a natural way... WAE???!!! DOUSHITE???!!!!

BTW, I bought 2 phone charms-> they are so cute~! 2 totoros! One is pink and other is grey! One for me and the other for my sis... (yes, I wanted to give the grey totoro to my "imagined future" boyfriend LOL but I don't have one so...), and I bought "mandju" (nhummmy!) and Pocky!!!! ^_^/

Well, this is my second time that I meet him coincidentally!
My sister told me: "If there is a third time... It's fate! That's what everybody says! This second time is just a signal that you have a lot of things in common... So you will have a lot of theme of conversation...!"

My mum said that what happened it was a opportunity that God gave me... That I really need to talk to him and we will get well along... If I don't pick His opportunity I will lose it forever, because the opportunities that God gives are unique. (me thinking: meh~! Unless that He really wants me to talk to him! So He will give me a third opportunity, right? >.<)~

This situation made me remeber this song...:


My best friend was selected!

My best friend was selected for the audition- "K.POP Survival Audition"!
I'm so happy for her!!!!
The problem is that we wanted to go together to the audition... But I wasn't selected T.T  So, now my friend doesn't want to go alone by herself... And she needs to talk this situaton to her parents.... I hope they can accept her success and let her go to the audition! She deserves so much! It's her dream to become a k.pop star!  >.<
A'YUMI~! Hwating!


Awkward moment (at supermarket)


Me and my funny follower, we "met" by accident at supermarket (actually I was forced by my dad to go with him to the supermarket) . It was so awkward... :S
At first I only saw his back, but I didn't recognize his back... But soon I remembered someone... "Hum... this reminds me someone..."
When I discovered that the owner of that back was the "Kyuhyun look a like follower" I tried to look at him (I was on the opposite shelf), but my courage was only able to make me peek (and when I felt that he looked at me I looked away) ... But I think that he had the same problem (maybe because he was wearing glasses???)... He even tried to hide from me by poking his head on the bookshelf!
I think that we looked at each other but in a short period of time... well, I can't remember properly, it was so awkward and I was so nervous....!
My sister when she knew about it she told me that it was a obligation say 'hi' to him! But I couldn't! :S

PS: the most stupid part of it ->; he has my phone number and he never called me or sent to me a message! (but I just gonna tell this story in another post)

This situation made me remember this song: